Monday, August 16, 2010


Good Morning,
We arrived home safely on Saturday night, all of us had workshops on Saturday morning but Sharon's finished at 10 instead of noon and Edie and I knew we could do the rest on our own so we decided to hit the road early and drive right through. It was pretty uneventful except for witnessing an accident on the opposite side of the road and a speeding ticket on the 401.
So on Thursday Sharon and I did a Coloured Pencil with Betty Love, still lots of work to do but we both enjoy working in this particular medium.

Edie did a Poppy (of course) with a British teacher, not sure of her name. It is looking really nice, I think she just needs to do the background. She could have finished in class but she wanted to go shop some more at the trade show. This will probably be a workshop at the store.

Missed getting a picture of Edie and Sharons projects from Saturday, here is a mid work shot of mine, it is a oil painting of a Tree Peony. The workshop was with Bev Birdwell, she has a new book out which I will have to get in, all in your face florals.

So when I get back into the store I have alot of projects to finish but first I have to finish the special order that I am working on and then get some projects for the next schedule ready. Busy, busy, busy.

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