Tuesday, August 10, 2010

1st Day

Okay so here is a little recap of yesterday. First we went to this great Outdoor Shopping Mall, so beautiful, of course we had a mission. Beads..Beads...Beads...for those of you who are regulars at the store you know that I have a Pandora Charm bracelet, and then Sharon got one, and then Paulette got one. And yesterday we hooked Edie in, so of course we needed to get Charms for them. Here are the girls on the way to one of the shops and also a picture of one of the sitting areas, just really nice.

After shopping and lunch we headed back to the hotel to get our stuff to actually go do what we came for 'Painting'. All of our workshops started at 3 till 9:30, Sharon did a Mixed Media Piece using Golden products, Edie did a 'Watercolour Pencil' technique class. I did a 'Oil Painting'. I really enjoyed my class, Lynne Mathieu and Judy Hawkings from the Guild at home were in my class. Poor Judy was hobbling along due to a broken bone in her foot. Here's a shot of Lynne and a couple of more of Earline Padgett (the instructor) and of my painting, which I am almost finished then I will post the finished painting.

The Girls are in workshops right now, I dropped Edie off at the Convention Centre bright and early this morning 7:15 for a 8am class till 5. Then Sharon at 12:15 for a 1pm -5pm class, did I mention that I was the Shuttle Service. At 6pm I will meet up with Sharon for our 6-10 workshop. So I guess that is all I have to report for now.

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