Saturday, June 27, 2009


What a great day it is, I am so glad that the humidity has broken, it's nice to be able to have the windows open at night. So Lydia and I have been back a week, I am just at the tail end of my cold and Lydia unfortunately is at the beginning of it. It was a pretty uneventful drive home last Sunday, it took us 15 hours with a couple of small stops and one for dinner. And for all of you who didn't think I could give the the car keys I did. It wasn't till the last too hours but I still did, my neck was getting pretty stiff so I didn't have much choice.

There are a couple of new books in the store - Finishing Touches 5 by Anne Hunter, Love and Laughter by Sandra Malone, Down by the Sea by Claudia Nice, and Homespun Touches by Mary Jo Tuttle.

Have a great weekend.

Friday, June 19, 2009

The End Is Near

So tomorrow is our last day, Lydia teaches at 8am so we have to be at the room to set up at 7am, so for all of you who think we have been having a holiday sleeping in , wrong. We have been up at 6 every morning. Today I helped Bobbie Takashima in her design class and then this afternoon my head cold had progressed so much that I had to have a nap. We have had a couple of major thunderstorms here. Yesterday early morning there was one and it actually blew the windows out in a room on the floor below us. I have never hear of the thunderstorm warnings telling you not to stand close to the windows but that is what they had on the tv today. We just got back from the banquet. Lydia decorated one of the tables and did a beautiful job, some of the tables were absolutely gorgeaous. I am going to try to hit the trade show once more tomorrow and then thats it.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Greetings from Illinois

So Lydia and I arrived yesterday in Peoria. Seems like we've been here for a week. After checking in yesterday we went out for dinner then hit the Trade Show at 6pm by 8:30 we were pooped and had already spent alot of money so we went back to the room and relaxed. Of course I got a couple of good ornament packets also three great ones from Maxine Thomas. Today I had a class with Maxine Thomas, what a pleasant lady, I look forward to teaching a couple of her patterns.

I had a class with Mary Jane Todd, a sweet woman but to be honest it is not my style but I had to try it to know for sure. So Lydia and I went to a cocktail book signing party tonight and had a couple of Chocolate Martini's met a new friend Linda from Louisiana and then had a couple of drinks in the bar with her and then Shelley and Lynne who are also down from Ottawa. Now Lydia is sound asleep as I will be soon. Unfortunately I have gotten the cold that Anastasia and Brian had went I left so I am feeling a little bit crappy. Tomorrow it is up at 6am and off to help Bobbie Takashima set up for her class, then Lydia teaches on Saturday Morning.

Well off to bed.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Greetings from Michigan

So we are settled in for the night in Ann Arbor Michigan, Lydia has her red wine and I am drinking Tuscan Orange Grapefruit Beer. Yes you heard right and it is yummy, I am not a beer drinking but it sounded refreshing after a hard day of driving. Nothing really to report, doesn't look much different from Canada so far. Hopefully will have more to report tomorrow when we get to Peoria.


Monday, June 15, 2009

On The Road Again

Well tomorrow morning Lydia and I are hitting the road to National Convention in Peoria, Illinois. We have decided to drive, not sure how that came about and not sure if we knew that it was a 16 hour drive when we did decide. But it is going to be great, I am really looking forward to see some new places. Now, I know all you out there who know how I am about driving are probably wondering how I am going to give the the wheel, don't worry I'm getting better, I even let Anastasia drive once in a while. So yes Lydia will be driving...well I say that now. I'll keep you posted. I have intentions of blogging daily, and hopefully my camera will cooperate and I will get some pictures. Well I better start winding down now as tomorrow will be a long day.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's all over

Well after many months of planning and a few stressful days leading up to it the seminar with Bobbie Takashima is over. What a delightful lady and the stories she has, everyone had a great time and thank you to Edie and Marilee for helping out over the three days. It came down to the eleventh hour on Wednesday to get Bobbie's paperwork for her work visa faxed to her, but thanks to Sharon we got it done. I definitely have an angel watching over me and I believe his name is Ron (my dad). As Sharon and Odette keep telling me I always manage to land on my feet and everything works out.
Before I took Bobbie to the airport we drove around past Parliament etc. and she commented on how green and lush everything was and that she hoped we appreciated it. I guess once in a while it is good to look at things through another eyes to really appreciate what you have. Here are some pictures of the weekend, I also can't forget to thank Lydia's daughter Catherine for baking the wonderful cakes each day and delivering them. Next week it will be National Convention with Lydia.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Since my last post

Well this past week was abusy one and this week is going to be the same. On Monday I attended a workshop with the Creator and CEO of Tattered Angels It was very enjoyable, Wendy is a wonderful lady and Liz one of her teachers is great. If you haven't tried this product pop into the store and see what you can do. I will be teaching a project in August which Tracy Moreau designed using the products in the background to paint on.

On Tuesday I spent 4 hours painting at the Queensway Carleton Hospital as part of the 10th Anniversary of the Memory Box program for the Ottawa Valley Decorative Artists. Ten years ago I brought this program to the OVDA, the members of the Guild paint paper mache boxes which the Guild donates to local hospitals for families who have lost babies.

Here's me painting a box, and the two Chaplins from the Hospital, Heather and Ellen, and you can see what goes into the boxes. It amazed me how tiny the foot prints were.

The rest of the week was spent finishing a project for June 28th, it is the Spring Welcome to go on the back of the Winter Thyme sign we did in January. Also getting ready for this weeks Seminar and Lydia's book signing that was this past Saturday. Here's a picture of Helen and Lydia, Helen was our first customer of the day and the first one to get the new book autographed by Lydia.

So that was last week, now to gear up for Bobbies arrival. Have a great week.