Monday, May 9, 2011

A Week

Well it has been a week since I took the final load out of 1539 Stittsville Main Street and handed the keys over to the landlord, I could not have packed it up without the help of Brenda and the support of all my friends. I have wanted to post to the blog but just haven't felt ready as odd as that may sound to some. It was a hard that I had shed many tears over. The tears weren't for the actual Brick and Mortar store but for what happened within those walls.....the laughter, the creativity, the friendships, the laughter and even the occasional tear (Lydia will remember that one). I know that it will be missed by many but hopefully the friendships that were made over a bottle of paint and qvetching about floating and stroke work will continue to thrive and if we loose touch all you have to do is look at that UFO sitting in your basement and all the memories will come flooding back. I am posting a few pictures from those last days, and remember in this age of technology we are only an email away from staying in touch.