Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's all over

Well after many months of planning and a few stressful days leading up to it the seminar with Bobbie Takashima is over. What a delightful lady and the stories she has, everyone had a great time and thank you to Edie and Marilee for helping out over the three days. It came down to the eleventh hour on Wednesday to get Bobbie's paperwork for her work visa faxed to her, but thanks to Sharon we got it done. I definitely have an angel watching over me and I believe his name is Ron (my dad). As Sharon and Odette keep telling me I always manage to land on my feet and everything works out.
Before I took Bobbie to the airport we drove around past Parliament etc. and she commented on how green and lush everything was and that she hoped we appreciated it. I guess once in a while it is good to look at things through another eyes to really appreciate what you have. Here are some pictures of the weekend, I also can't forget to thank Lydia's daughter Catherine for baking the wonderful cakes each day and delivering them. Next week it will be National Convention with Lydia.

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