Thursday, June 18, 2009

Greetings from Illinois

So Lydia and I arrived yesterday in Peoria. Seems like we've been here for a week. After checking in yesterday we went out for dinner then hit the Trade Show at 6pm by 8:30 we were pooped and had already spent alot of money so we went back to the room and relaxed. Of course I got a couple of good ornament packets also three great ones from Maxine Thomas. Today I had a class with Maxine Thomas, what a pleasant lady, I look forward to teaching a couple of her patterns.

I had a class with Mary Jane Todd, a sweet woman but to be honest it is not my style but I had to try it to know for sure. So Lydia and I went to a cocktail book signing party tonight and had a couple of Chocolate Martini's met a new friend Linda from Louisiana and then had a couple of drinks in the bar with her and then Shelley and Lynne who are also down from Ottawa. Now Lydia is sound asleep as I will be soon. Unfortunately I have gotten the cold that Anastasia and Brian had went I left so I am feeling a little bit crappy. Tomorrow it is up at 6am and off to help Bobbie Takashima set up for her class, then Lydia teaches on Saturday Morning.

Well off to bed.

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