Sunday, January 25, 2009

Second Day

Hello All,

Well it ended up being a nice sunny day here, well at least the 15 minutes of it that I saw. We caught the shuttle to the convention center at 6:30 am and I got back to the hotel at 6pm. Yesterday I said I would post the projects that I had done, but I can't find the second pictures I took of them, they have disappeared into my camera. But I do have pictures from today. So this morning I took a workshop with a company called Technique Tuesday, they have great stamps and Scrapbook Kits. It was a fun class with some great ladies, while I was doing that Sharon was taking a workshop with Claudine Helmuth in Mixed Media, she learnt some great techniques and used some products that just might show up in the store. Next it was the Trade Show, first stop was a make and take with Etch All we made a mirrored tile with a hummingbird etched in it, I am thinking about carrying this product in the store. Then we wandered around and came upon Tim Holtz (as you can see in the picture), definitely will be ordering his new line. So here is the proof that I am not lazying around on some beach or spending the day shopping (well I guess the shopping part is wrong, but really I'm shopping for you guys). We also stopped at Graphic 45, our favourite booth judging by the amount of pictures Sharon and I took. Here's a shot of Sharon in the booth and another of a section of the booth. Their new lines are amazing and I will be going back tomorrow to place an order.

My last workshop of the day was called The Queen Bee, it was with Suze Weinberg again and was alot of fun. We worked with bees wax and a Hot Wax Art Stylus. I was a little uncertain after I had put the coloured wax on the cover of my book, but a little bit of gold powder and it was good to go. Here's a picture, I actually like it alot though it's not quite done.
So that's it for now. I'm off to watch TV and look through product cataloques.


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  1. Order TONS from Graphic 45! I LOVE that booth!!!!! LOL

    See you soon!