Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Morning

I hope everyone got a chance to enjoy the beautiful weekend that we had. Now this morning it feels like a fall day. I have to say though I would take this any day over the humidity.

For any of you who were in my class on Saturday, my tailbone was feeling much better yesterday, thank you for putting up with my moaning and groaning. Thank God it was better because I spent the day going up and down a chair painting my daughters bedroom yesterday. Ralph Lauren Derby Red, if I never use that colour again it will be fine with me. I have to say the room is going to look great except for the fact that we used the wrong product to fill the holes and it didn't sand very well, so as my daughter says it looks like globs of gum stuck on the wall. I told her to put it on thin and spread it out, but I am sure as you know that teenagers know everything. Oh well I am sure a few strategically place picture frames will do the trick.

We received the new Cuttlebug dies in the store the other day and they are flying out the door. So email me if you would like any held. The fall schedule is shaping up quite nicely, something in it for everyone, whether you are a painter or scrapbooker.

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