Friday, August 29, 2008

Hot off the press

Not to miss anyone, just in are 9 new books from Bob Pennycook, Laurie Speltz, Renee Mullins, Karen Wisner, Lynne Andrews, Joan Dixon, Jeanne Filler Scott, one by assorted Artists such as Debbie Cole, Leila Lundberg, Maxine Thomas and Bob Pennycook which is actually a calender.

This month we've had more new decorative painting books in than the whole year to date. These books have something for every skill level. Holiday Beliefs by Laurie Speltz is a great one for beginners or if you just want a few quick gifts or to items to sell at the upcoming craft sales. Festive Collection would be a nice gift for a painting friend a calendar and instruction book. As always Bob has put out a great book, though for those of you who are fans of Bob's you will be surprised to see that he is using Deco Art paints instead of Jo Sonja's. Does this mean that he isn't using Retarder? I'll have to sit down with a coffee and read through the books to see.
Have a great Labour Day weekend.

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