Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday Again

Seems to be that Saturday morning is blogging time for me. Lydia is teaching her beautiful pansies today here at the store and so far it hasn't rained yet. This week has been pretty uneventful except for a couple amusing things in the past couple of days.

Ordered new product this week from Ten Seconds Studio, Graphic 45, Seven Gypsies and a couple of stamp companies. Some really nice papers will be coming in soon. Yesterday I finished a new set of ornaments which I am going to put in for August. I know what your thinking Christmas ornaments in August? everyone is so busy when it gets closer to Christmas that it is nice to get some finished.

So let me tell you about the last 24 hours of my life. Yesterday wasn't too bad was a bit tired in the morning because Abbey (my Jack Russell) wouldn't go to bed. Anastasia's friend slept over and Abbey feels that she should also be allowed to sleep with the girls, so I was up to 2:30 with her. Had breakfast with Donna and Giselle at Broadway, that was nice, waitress wasn't the most pleasant but oh well.

Finished painting the ornaments in the afternoon and then we got that torrential rain, so I am sitting in the classroom and I hear a dripping - the window is leaking - fine I deal with that. Go into the bathroom and the ceiling is leaking in the tub - deal with that. Go to spray varnish something I had just finished painting and the ceiling is leaking above the door of the classroom, okay time to email the landlord. Sitting at the computer in the office emailing the landlord hit the send button and hear a drip, ceiling is leaking in office - send off another email. So I have to try and clear the area in my office where the drip is, no easy feat as those of you who have seen my office know. Get that done and get ready to close the store in 10 minutes because I am going out to dinner with Jo-Anne and going to see The Ugly Truth (great movie, highly recommend it). A customer comes in the poor lady had been waiting in her car for 10 minutes for the rain to let up, which yesterday it wasn't doing. So all is good close up the store run to the car which is just outside the door and get soaked, it's just water so who cares. At this point there is a beautiful rainbow out and its really sunny but the rain is still coming down in buckets. Oh by the way I am here to tell you for a fact that I was at the end of the rainbow and guess what "No Pot of Gold" sorry another let down in life LOL. Anyways dinner was good, the Margarita was great, movie was excellent. Had a couple of hours to kill waiting for Anastasia to get off work at so sat in the car playing on my Ipod and watching the blanket lightening and rain again. My poor daughter comes out of work carrying a Dairy Queen paper bag filled with her soaking wet clothes and tells me that she had grabbed one of Katherine's work shoes and one of hers in the morning so for 6 hours at work she wore one size 6 shoe and one size 9 and she is the size 9, her foot was killing her.

So we get home at 12:30 last night, and guess who is still up Abby again, I guess Brian (husband)feels that we need to see her before she goes to bed. So get her into her crate and get to bed at 1am. Up at 6:30 to do 4 contracts for Brian so that I can leave the house at 7:45 to get to the store. All this time I have been wondering what will greet me when I get to work, will a ceiling have caved in from the rain? (building is old so this could be possible), will all my papers etc be soaked? So I leave the house and started zipping my way up Dunrobin road and I see this grey boring car coming towards me pull over. You know where I am going with this, I slow down because I just know that it was a Cop, he turns, follows me and then on come the lights. So I was going 109 in an 80 zone, it's a straight road in the country early Saturday morning! (I know no excuse). So the upside to this is he was hot, finally I get pulled over by a good looking cop and he split the difference with me so that I didn't lose a point (how generous). I forgot to tell you that before I sat down to do contracts with my husband I was coming up from the basement and fell up the stairs, scared the ... out of him because he was sitting on the other side of the door and I basically fell through it bursting it open. Did I tell you that I hadn't had a coffee before any of this happened.

So that was my life in the last 24 hours or so, sorry for the rambling but just felt the need to share. You know you need sleep when your at the corner store getting advice from a random guy about which Energy drink is the best. Another plus all the ceilings in the store are intact.

Have a great weekend.

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  1. Saw that Rainbow, Cindy - it was lovely. Of course I'm all scared for your leaking ceiling - nothing as dramatic as a wet store full of paper!! Good Luck! ......Monica (just around the corner)