Friday, July 3, 2009

Fate? Luck? Or an Angel?

So as many of you know my daughter works at the Dairy Queen in Signature Centre, she was supposed to work this past Tuesday till close but switched with someone because she had plans. This is where I have to believe in the title above. When I picked her up from work on Wednesday night Canada Day she told me that they had been robbed at knife point on the Tuesday night 10 minutes before closing. The young girl that had the knife to her was the girl that Anastasia switched with, fortunately nobody was hurt and they didn't get anything but I am sure that the girl will be traumatised. I know I would certainly be shook up, Anastasia says she is nervous to work nights now. I have always said that there is someone watching out for us (I believe it is my Dad) and it is when things like this happen that my belief is reinforced. Someday I will write here about my Raven experience a couple of years ago which further adds to my belief.

Everyone have a great weekend and hopefully it will stop raining soon.


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