Saturday, November 21, 2009


This morning my trust in people is being tested. It was brought to my attention this morning that last night someone tried to steal something from the store while taking a workshop. The product didn't make it into the persons bag but was on its way there when she was asked whether she wanted to purchase it. Of course she had a lame excuse.

I have had my suspicions about this person before but have never caught her with something in her bag. So what do I do? Do I go to the expense of installing camera's? Do I confront her? and then be accused of slander. Perhaps she has a problem and can't help herself if so get help. I am a small business owner who has enough paying the day to day bills I don't have a cushion for theft. Plus I don't want to have this distrust, I enjoy my store and my customers.

So if you are reading this and you know who you are then be aware that I and all my teachers are aware and will be watching.

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