Thursday, September 24, 2009

One Thousand Four Hundred and Sixty

That is how many days from today it will be till I turn 50. So today was my 46th Birthday, and for those of you who know me you know what I plan to do on my 50th and where I plan to do it. I plan on being in Greece for my 50th Birthday, everyone who knows me is invited (you have to pay your own way), no husbands allowed. You might say I am a little obsessed, and yes I am but it is a place I have always wanted to go. So why not celebrate a milestone on some Greek Island hopefully with a Greek God or two around :0). So ladies, start saving your pennies now.

Tonight I taught an ornament workshop, some my say why are you working on your Birthday? I say why not. I had a great day and evening, my customers are my friends. Paulette, thank you again for the great fruit bouquet, it was beautiful, yummy and healthy. Donna gave me a Calendar of Greece, a Greek phrase book and a tour book of the Greek Islands (need to figure out which one to stay on). Sharon made me the most beautiful necklace and took me out for dinner last night. And Odette she is always listening to me and putting up with my messy ways, she got me gift cards for Starbucks, Chapters and Booster Juice. I am so very lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful people.

Thank you all for making my Birthday Special and just think how much fun we will have in Greece!!!


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