Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Night

Well here it is 7pm on a Friday night and I am sitting here in my office, could be doing paperwork but don't want to get in trouble for not blogging. So here I am.

Lydia is teaching our first Batik workshop, I think when everyone is finished they will be surprised at the results. If you haven't yet tried Batik, do so it's fun.

Well the weather is definitely starting to change, there was frost on the windshields this morning. I just hate the thought of wearing socks, shoes and coats...

Recently I got a shipment in from Tattered Angels, Wendy took one of the book kits and made it up. Here is a picture of it. We have a Winter Book and the one that is shown is the Nature Book.
Well tomorrow Sharon and I are off to Maureen McNaughton's Studio in Belwood. We will be doing her Colour Theory Workshop on Monday and Tuesday, if you haven't been up to her studio you are certainly missing a great weekend. Sharon and I used to go every fall, but since I've bought the store I haven't had a chance. She has a beautiful studio with television screens at everyother table (no I'm not getting them for The Pony), wonderful catered lunch (again no). We stay at the same B&B which is a Century home, it's a great getaway for the Girls. Of course we are going up early so we can shop our way up, Toronto, St. Jacob's etc.
I will post pictures of the project when I get home, so have a great weekend, I know I will.
Hugs Cindy

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