Thursday, March 10, 2011


So, after a week in Vegas with Paulette and Sharon I think I am finally caught up on my sleep. I thought I would be able to update the blog with pictures etc. while there but truthfully didn't have much time. We were up at 6:30 every morning to go to classes and I think the earliest we went to bed was 12:30. The weather was great, the painting was great and most of all the company was great. We painted, we shopped, we walked, we talked, we laughed, we indulged (a bit), we shopped some more and we had fun. It is so nice to go to Painting Conventions because you always run into someone that you know, usually you only see them at the conventions but it is nice to catch up and hear what is going on in other parts of the Decorative Painting World.

I took workshops with Janice Miller (watercolour pumpkins), Kathie George (watercolour Hollyhocks), Jillybean Fitzhenry (Pink Hibiscus), Prudy Vanner (Elf on Rocking Horse) and Leslie Bird (Cave Art). My favourite class was the one with Leslie, it was fun and relaxing, I enjoyed all the rest except for the Hollyhocks, not because of Kathie but because I am not into that loose of Watercolour Painting. Following are some pictures of the projects, all are finished except for the Hollyhocks and a couple of things on the pumpkin.

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  1. How sad to know that the shop has been closed.

    I was hoping for some help. Maybe one of your painters can answer.

    I started a painting awhile back called "White Irises" Really it is white and purple. The background is done with an old sock.

    Now, I have the instructions but have lost the picture.

    Can anyone help?

    Marilyn, Montreal

    Many thanks and good luck to all of you in your next endeavours.